Hello. My name is Nathanael Paulus, and I am a Game Designer first. I studied Studio Art at CSU Channel Islands, and while in school I specialized in 3D modeling, animation, and game design. I am currently pursuing my Master in Computer Science, where I am developing an app which is currently working towards earning a patent.

In addition to being a Game Designer, I am also skilled in programming in Java, C++, and C#. I have experience working in python, react, and html as well. Most of my recent development time has been using the Unity Game Engine to design a VR scenario for student research.

I am an artist, character designer, poet, self-published author of fiction, and video content producer.

I love games and everything that goes into them. I owe my life to video games, and I hope to one day allow someone else to live through my own games.

CSUCI VR Research Project

I was blessed to be the lead developer for a project to use VR experiences to help people with brain injuries build their memory and physical skills. As lead, I utilized Unity's VR tools to create an inclusive scenario that allows participants to pick up and throw items at appropriate times. Using iterative processes, I was able to gather user data, improve and refine the experience to better tailor to user experiences, and was able to produce a quality piece of software with concise documentation within a competitive time frame.


The Thing about Hilltops

My first Self-Published novel. An explorative journey of mental illness, romance, self discovery, suspense, and loss. Available on Amazon: Link 

"Fascinating story with many unpredictable twists... it's a good one." - Amazon Reviewer

"I read this book in two days and I just couldn't put it down. This book took me on an adventure I would've never imagined myself, and the plot twist was unexpected to say the least." - Amazon Reviewer

Aetheric Trading Card Game

Aetheric TCG is a trading card game designed after my personal fantasy novel Series Aetheric. The novels are currently still being written and editted, but the world and lore is concrete and exciting. Inspired by a variety of greats from the genre like MTG, Hearthstone, and Hex, Aetheric boasts a mix of paper and digital  designs. The artwork is provided by strategically written text prompts in the MidJourney AI image producer. In the future, I would like to hire artists, but for now the goal is to develop and design the game itself before getting too caught up on every detail.

Here are a few examples of cards already designed and developed. More to come! 

My Artwork

Some examples of my art. Models are rendered in Maya and Blender. Digital art used Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, and Procreate. 

I draw Monsters, nature, tshirt designs, and satirical comedy pieces.